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Watch our video below, made with the generous support of Community Energy, London. This shows our most recent project, and the benefits it brings to Harris Lowe (formerly Capital City) Academy  in Willesden, as well as saving carbon emissions for the whole community..


In May 2022 Brent Pure Energy signed off the installation of the 300 kWp, 659 panel, solar installation on the roof of Harris Lowe (formerly Capital City) Academy in Willesden. The panels are all in place, and look spectacular:

Brent Pure Energy array at Capital City Academy

Brent Pure Energy array at Capital City Academy



This is the third of BPE’s projects, and undoubtedly the most ambitious.


The array was installed by the hard-working and efficient technicians at Genfit, who oversaw and advised on all technical details. It will very soon be supplying cheap solar energy to the Academy, saving the school at least £10,000 a year. It will also play a part in the struggle to limit carbon emissions and minimise climate change. There are more images, as well as a drone-enabled video, and further technical details on the Genfit website here.


Many thanks to all those small and large investors who helped to raise the £195,000 needed to bring this project to fruition. If you are an investor you will soon be hearing more news, and will receive an invite to a launch event, which we hope to hold in September.


Brent Pure Energy is a Community Benefit Society (a kind of co-operative) that aims to respond to the issue of Climate Change, locally, by delivering renewable energy schemes in the London Borough of Brent. 

Our first project was the very successful installation of solar panels at Queens Park Community School that went live in August 2016. 

Our second project was for two similar arrays on nearby Malorees Infant & Junior schools. The share offer was launched at Malorees Schools, Christchurch Avenue, NW6 7PB in June 2019, and raised £50,000 for a total of 52 kW of solar panels. These are now installed and generating electricity.

Our third and most recent project was the array on Capital City Academy described above.

The schools benefit from low cost, renewable electricity. Investors are repaid capital and interest over 20 years.


Brent Pure Energy array at QPCS

Brent Pure Energy array at QPCS




Brent Pure Energy array at Malorees Infant School

Brent Pure Energy array at Malorees Infant School


Brent Pure Energy plans to expand in Brent or neighbouring boroughs, and would like to hear from community-based organisations who need help to install solar panels on their building, enabling them to get cheap clean energy at no additional cost. BPE will pay for installation and all running costs, via a share offer, and the school or community organisation will get to keep the solar panels in the long run.

As a Community Benefit Society, Brent Pure Energy is also committed to supporting small scale energy-saving initiatives through its community fund. A limited number of grants of up to £500 are available to non-profit organisations to support initiatives such as installation of low-energy lighting, insulation or any other energy-saving ideas. 

Please get in touch via the contact form.