Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Brent Pure Energy has pre-registered three sites with OFGEM at a Feed-in-Tariff rate that makes the development of solar photovoltaic energy financially viable. In January 2016, the Feed-in-Tariff rate was slashed from 11.7 pence to 4.59 pence per kilowatt hour, but we have pre-registered our sites at the old rate. This means that it is unlikely that such a favourable offer will be repeated, unless the government fundamentally changes its policy on subsidies for renewable energy. 

  • The Feed-in-Tariff for Solar Photovoltaic is designed to provide a stable income stream over a 20 year period. Community share investors are to be remunerated at a target rate of between 4 and 5% per year.     

  • Brent Pure Energy is a Community Benefit Society. As such it is committed to achieving social and environmental benefits, as well as paying a fair return to its members.

  • Investment in Brent Pure Energy is investment in renewable energy. Your money will give you both a worthwhile income, and reduce the effects of climate change.

  • Brent Pure Energy is governed according to democratic principles. All community shareholders have only one vote, irrespective of the size of their investment.

Brent Pure Energy will invest the funds from the community share offer in the purchase, installation and maintenance of solar photovoltaic panels. The installations will become the society's assets and will generate interest for the society members and money for the community. At the end of 20 years, the panels will become the property of the owner of the roof on which they are mounted.

Community Shares in Brent Pure Energy cannot be transferred or sold to another person. Community shares are not marketable.

In exceptional circumstances, and depending on the availability of funds, directors may, at their discretion, allow investors to withdraw all or part of their share capital.

For a more detailed explanation of the financial situation, see the money matters page.

The society is a social enterprise and not-for-profit venture. The directors are motivated by a desire to install renewable energy systems as a mean to tackle climate change, fuel poverty and pollution. Members of the team will be investing in the co-operative. We will take a basic remuneration in running the organisation. Our total person-hours is estimated at 100 hours per year.

Brent Pure Energy will use all income from the electricity generated by the solar photovoltaic panels to fund:

  1. An interest payment account 

  2. A capital repayment account

  3. An operation & maintenance account

  4. A management account

  5. A community benefit account

Therefore some of the money will go towards payment of interest to investors, some will pay for the operation and management of the projects, and some should be available for community benefits.

As with any investment there is a chance that you could lose your capital, or its value could go down. Of course, we will all be working hard to prevent this possibility, and we believe that the proven track record of solar technology means that your money is pretty safe. You should also be aware, though, that as a Community Benefit Society we are not able to pay interest  on your investment until we begin to generate a net income.

Solar Photovoltaic has proven to be a reliable technology, and the Feed in Tariff rates offer a viable financial model. However, there is also a very small risk of damage to panels which could add to costs and reduce income. In most cases, though, such damage would be covered by our insurance, so would not be problematic.

For a more detailed explanation of the financial set-up and risks see the money-matters page, and please note the disclaimer.