Why invest in solar power with Brent Pure Energy?

  • Brent Pure Energy has pre-registered three sites with OFGEM at a Feed-in-Tariff rate that makes the development of solar photovoltaic energy financially viable. In January 2016, the Feed-in-Tariff rate was slashed from 11.7 pence to 4.59 pence per kilowatt hour, but we have pre-registered our sites at the old rate. This means that it is unlikely that such a favourable offer will be repeated, unless the government fundamentally changes its policy on subsidies for renewable energy. 

  • The Feed-in-Tariff for Solar Photovoltaic is designed to provide a stable income stream over a 20 year period. Community share investors are to be remunerated at a target rate of between 4 and 5% per year.     

  • Brent Pure Energy is a Community Benefit Society. As such it is committed to achieving social and environmental benefits, as well as paying a fair return to its members.

  • Investment in Brent Pure Energy is investment in renewable energy. Your money will give you both a worthwhile income, and reduce the effects of climate change.

  • Brent Pure Energy is governed according to democratic principles. All community shareholders have only one vote, irrespective of the size of their investment.